In this store you will find sets, parts, minfigures, instructions, gears and MOCs.

You can always contact me about anything, even without placing an order, I'm happy to help.

Languages: English, Hungarian, Serbian.

Feel free to ask for pictures for any items.

Once you received your order, please look through if everything is as it should be and nothing is missing, if there is any problem, please contact me. In most cases you will get a coupon, but if that doesn't feel right to you, we can discuss an appropriate solution.

Item Condition:

All used items are generally in very good condition, not discolored, not damaged. Sometimes pieces with bigger or smaller issues are sold, for a lower price, but these issues are indicated in the description.

Don't be afraid if the description is empty, it only means that you will get a nice piece once you order arrives.


No handling, no packaging fee.


You can pay your order via PayPal, both onsite payment and regular PayPal payments are possible. You can pay in Euro, US Dollar, or Hungarian forint.

Please don't send payment before receiving the Invoice.  You should pay your order in 7 days,  but if you need more time, just send me a message.


Orders are packed nicely, in bags, beautifully organised by lot, sealed off with a heat sealer, to make sure everything arrives to you safely.


Orders over 250 Euro will get a one of a kind MOC as a gift, with a footprint of 6x6 up to 10x10. For now these have not been made, and if you order in that value, you will need to wait a week or so, before the order can be shipped. Of course you can choose to have the order sent without it. You can ask for pictures of what I have now and choose, or I will select one based on what items are in your order.


-New sets are usually sealed, never opened, box contition stated in the description.

-Used sets are usually in good condition.  If they have instructions or box, you can find that in the item description, as well as the condition of the parts.


-New parts are from new part out sets, never used.

 -Used parts are in good contition, carefully washed, not discolored, not decorated parts are without stickers or any other sticky materials  that shouldn't be there, minor scratches might happen. If parts are discolored or damaged, you can read about that in the description, and the price is lowered.

Feel free to ask for pictures for any parts.

It is recommended to ask for pictures for white, LBG and decorated pieces, before buying them.


-New minifigures have never been assembled, they get packed in a bag, which I seal off with a heat sealer.

-Used minifigures are in good condition, usually not discolored, not damaged, or you will read about that in the description.


-New instructions are directly taken from the boxes.

-Used instructions should be in good condition, it is recommended  to ask for pictures before buying them.


Boxes are not sold, they get recycled usually for shipping, but only when it doesn't increase the shipping cost.


MOCs (custom sets) are listed as Custom Items.

MOCs use both new and used parts, but overall all pieces are in very good condition, not discolored, not damaged.

MOCs are packed in plastic boxes with a picture on it. Parts are nicely packed by color in zip lock bags.

You don't need to worry about instructions increasing the shipping cost, they will be sent to your email adress, or you can get them trough other digital ways, just hit me a message, I'm sure we can figure it out.

MOCs are made by me, or someone else if you can read that in description.


For buyers from Serbia:


U ovoj prodavnici možete da kupite setove, delove, minifigure, uputsva i MOC-ove.

Plaćanje je moguće preko PayPal-a ili uplatom na račun. Nemojte plaćati dok ne dobijete Invoice.

Porudžbine se šalju Post Expresom, ili ako su sitni delovi u pitanju, max do 5 eura, moze kao preporučeno pismo.

Molim Vas pregledajte narudžbu, kad dobijete i ako slučajno ima nekih problema, javite mi se.